Our Team is Committed to You

Unlike many companies with tired and outdated process and cultures, Auxilior is different.  Our Team will welcome you.  Should you become an Auxilior Associate here is a glimpse of what you can expect:


Week 1

Day 1 -

  • Welcome Package
  • Meeting with your Sponsor who will guide through your first 60 days. 
  • Lunch with your Executive Mentor


Day 2 -

  • Cultural Plan Orientation and 60-day curriculum


Day 3 -

  • Team Lunch
  • Q&A


Day 4 -

  • Cross Department Meet and Greets

Day 5 -

  • Goal setting and calendar confirm of 60-day curriculum
  • Executive Sponsor private meeting
  • Q&A

Weeks 2 – 8

  • curriculum [formal schedule]
  • team and individual check-ins
  • key customer meetings
  • formalize annual goals
  • finalize Individual Development Plan (IDP). Every Auxilior Associate has an IDP which is a customized career plan for growth and future job paths
  • weekly updates with Sponsor and Executive Mentor