Providing Commercial and Industrial Equipment Finance and Leasing Products and Services to Banks and their Customers. 


Commercial and Industrial Partners for Banks

Auxilior has unique capabilities to expand your bank’s menu of services by providing commercial and industrial capital equipment financing and leasing products and solutions for the needs of your customers.

We can help you by protecting your customers base from competitors, expand your market share and improving your financial performance by offering highly competitive, best-in-class service and a more efficient, cost-effective platform and delivery system.

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Products and Services

Complete turn-key and comprehensive Product and Services operating platform.

We can deliver a full menu of

  • Sales (Private label)                                                        
  • Branded Marketing
  • Underwriting
  • Operations
  • Asset management
  • Collateral valuations
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Automated systems

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Full Menu of C&I Financing

  • Loans

  • Leases

  • Lines of Credit

  • Working Capital

  • Inventory Finance

  • Acquisition Financing

Specialized Skills and Knowledge in US Commercial Banking Industry

Our leadership team has the unique qualifications to provide banks with market leading capital equipment financing and leasing product and services delivery.  Having built and managed some of the country’s most success banks and commercial finance companies, Auxilior is the right choice for your strategic implementation of a commercial equipment finance and leasing program.

 Auxilior understands banking cultures and has an operating platform that is regulatory compliant. You will work with experienced, highly professional banking and commercial finance executives that will guide you through the foundation process of building a program tailored specifically to your bank and marketplace. It will be branded and implemented to reach your bank’s strategic objectives.

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